The 1993 Ford Bronco Raptor Edition!!! – Custom Build Raptor Bronco!

1993 Ford Bronco with Ford Raptor Capabilities!


At first glance, it might just look like a ’93 Ford Bronco. However, this unique build is far from ordinary! Van from Tumblin Automotive created this ’93 Ford Bronco to be customized with Raptor capabilities including a Ford Raptor frame and interior to give this ride a custom update.




Ford Raptor Engine in a 1993 Ford Bronco…Bringing Back the Toughest Ford SUV!

This Ford Bronco is equipped with a 6.2 liter 2011 Ford Raptor engine and transmission. The V8 engine impresses on the Dyno with these capabilities. The Ford Raptor is known for its horsepower, torque, and overall performance on the road. While Ford doesn’t make the Bronco anymore and hasn’t since 1996, the Raptor work done to the Ford trucks is a popular option to add horsepower and interior updates to your ride. Since this ’93 Bronco wasn’t waiting around for Ford to make a new Bronco (which, despite the public outcry, does not appear to be happening anytime soon), Van decided to give it its own makeover with the Raptor build and engine.


Ford Raptor Framing and Interior in a 1993 Bronco!

Since the Bronco is a little shorter than the customary size of Ford trucks, Van shortened the Raptor frame to make it a custom fit for the Bronco. While the Bronco has some interior space, it’s end certainly doesn’t match the bed of the Ford trucks, so the shortened frame makes for a great fit on this vehicle. Van included a hidden winch behind the bumper for added capabilities with his Raptor update. The interior of the truck has been fully updated to include the Raptor custom features such as the black-and-gray modern seating and appliances: a screen and USB connectivity for your device. From the exterior, it could be just a Bronco—but take a closer look and step inside and there’s no doubt this truck was outfitted with the Raptor body to include all aspects of the update.


Van from Tumblin Automotive brought his latest bronco project up to us to tune. All I can say is this truck is amazing. He put a 93 bronco body on a shortened 2011 Raptor frame. The metal work on this truck is insane. Then he custom fit the entire raptor interior in the truck The hidden winch behind the bumper is a nice touch. – Latest Bronco Raptor Project for Tumblin Automotive. More Information


This is no ordinary 1993 Ford Bronco—the Raptor updates to this vehicle are impressive. It makes you wish that Ford would create a new Ford Bronco so that it could be outfitted with the Raptor specifications or even better for increased horsepower and performance.


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