The Superlite 4R caliper series is the benchmark in asphalt short track, late model, modified, and open wheel competition. It also enjoys prominence in a variety of road-race, rally, and sport-driving applications. The new FSL4R model series is the latest innovation to this Superlite family of calipers.

Wilwood Caliper-Forged Superlite 4R #120-13232-NIt has been redesigned with internal fluid ports that eliminate the external fluid cross-over tubes. The transfer tube has been replaced with two additional bleed screw assemblies which allow symmetrical piston bore models to be mounted either right or left in a leading or trailing position. Differential bore models still require left hand and right hand orientation, but no leading or trailing configuration is necessary.

The most noteworthy feature of all the FSL4R caliper models is the exceptional strength and reduced weight of the forging. With assembled weights at just 4.4 pounds, the caliper body design in itself is a product of computer generated solid modeling and stress analysis technology.

Each caliper features closed-end bridges with a radial transition down to the main body and piston bore housings. The elimination of machined steps and sharp shoulders in this critical area provides a measurable increase in overall body strength and resistance to deflection under load. Every FSL4R body is stress-flow forged from a premium grade aluminum alloy billet.


Features of the Wilwood Caliper-Forged Superlite 4R #120-13232-N:

  • Replacement calipers for Wilwood brake kits
  • Stainless steel pistons for corrosion resistance
  • Optimum brake performance, balance, and heat dissipation
  • Improves your vehicle’s handling
  • Designed for perfect fit and function
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States
  • Part Number: wil120-13232-N, Wilwood Caliper-Forged Superlite 4R – Nickel 1.25/1.25in Pistons 1.25in Disc

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