Ford + Love – Ford Dating for People with Fords

Ford’s New Dating Website to Connect Ford Lovers Alike!

  • Ford Date is designed and developed to link Ford Male and Female owners to other Local Ford owners.
    1,000,000+ Ford Owning Users and Growing Fast
  • Ford Date is easy to use and with over a million qualified users. All you need is a Ford VIN Number to activate your dating profile.
  • Ford Date will launch later this year, sign-up now and get notified when you can activate your profile.

Have your ever met the perfect guy or girl only to find out they don’t drive a Ford? That’s a total deal breaker.

Meet Local Ford Singles April Fools Joke

There are 3 principles that make Ford Date © the best dating site on Earth: our love of Ford, we’re free to Ford owners, and anyone who owns a Ford is welcome to join.

Are you a woman who loves her Fords?
Sign-up to meet the Ford Boy of your dreams. Sign Up HERE

Ford+Girl Dating Site April Fools Joke

Are you a man who loves his Ford?
Sign-up to meet the Ford Girl of your dreams. Sign Up HERE

Ford+Boy Dating Site

This may be one of Ford’s best April Fool Jokes.
There’s Only One way to find out!

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