“Big Chief” Justin Shearer Injured after The Crow – ’72 Pontiac LeMans Destroyed!

Chuck Davis and Justin Shearer’s High Speed Wreck Leaves Justin Badly Injured!

While recording the latest episode of Street Outlaws The Crow and Red Foxbody driven by Chuck Davis collided at high-speed as BangShift.com reports!

Big Chief’s car was apparently struck last night in a Street Outlaws episode filming in OKC. We’re hearing that BRIAN ‘Chucky’ Davis lost control of his car, hitting the rear 1/4 of ‘The Crow’ sending it into a terrible roll.
Both racers are generally ok, Please keep these racers in your thoughts as they recover from this insane wreck.
We received the jaw dropping news last night while on the streets of Texas. It was a big reminder how dangerous this sport is. – 1320 Facebook Page

Quoted from the awesome guys at BangShift.com who were able to get an exclusive interview with the Big Chief this morning!

Justin Shearer, known as Big Chief on television’s Street Outlaws as being absolutely destroyed

In an exchange with Chad Reynolds, Shearer said, l Bruised lungs, and on oxygen right now. Crushed my L2 and L3 in my back, broken collarbone, and pretty beat up, but so thankful to be alive right now. The trauma doc just said he doesn’t think they are going to have to transfer me to OU med center anymore which is good. He said I can probably go home tonight.” – Read More


Big Chief Justin Shearers 1972 Pontiac LeMans

We wish the Big Chief and Chuck Davis a speedy recovery! Prays are with you both!

We wish the Big Chief and Chuck Davis a speedy recovery

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